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Eastern Time (ET)
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M: Canadian Junior Mens Championship
J: Canadian Junior Womens Championship
M: Ed Werenich Golden Wrench Classic
M: German Masters
W: Glynhill Ladies International
M: USA Junior Mens National Championship
W: USA Junior Womens National Championship
M: Alberta Boston Pizza Northerns
M: Alberta Boston Pizza Southerns
W: BC Scotties
W: Ontario Scotties - Challenge Round
M: Ontario Tankard - Challenge Round
M: Dakota Territory Club Playdowns
M: PEI Tankard
J: Elmira OJCT U18 Men
J: Elmira OJCT U18 Women
M: Brock University Mens Bonspiel
W: Brock University Womens Bonspiel
W: PEI Scotties
M: Gefle Mixed Doubles Cup
W: Northern Ontario Scotties
Eastern Time (ET)
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