USA Women's National Championship -- Shooting

Mar 3 - 10, 2018
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Cumulative Stats Leaders By TEAM


Team Cory Christensen 57223321.524.383.5
Team Jamie Sinclair 50520571.523.883.4
Team Cora Farrell 56622521.464.481.2
Team Beth Podoll 53219621.604.575.8
Team Christine McMakin 52118421.624.572.6
Team Kim Rhyme 52018381.484.872.2
Team Emily Anderson 52118341.444.871.8
Team Ann Podoll 53718671.603.771.4
Cumulative Stats Leaders By Position


Jamie Sinclair (Sinclair) 1234921.643.882.1
Sarah Anderson (Christensen) 542121.605.080.5
Cora Farrell (Farrell) 1375121.503.776.4
Cory Christensen (Christensen) 853141.604.975.8
Beth Podoll (Podoll) 1324651.824.473.2
Christine McMakin (McMakin) 1274321.724.170.0
Emily Anderson (Anderson) 1254071.665.167.0
Rebecca Andrew (Rhyme) 1264051.564.065.9
Ann Podoll (Podoll) 1253981.723.965.6


Sarah Anderson (Christensen) 903721.623.885.0
Alexandra Carlson (Sinclair) 1305311.603.784.1
Jenna Martin (Christensen) 562221.584.581.5
Lexi Lanigan (Farrell) 1445631.624.480.5
Emily Quello (Podoll) 1345151.744.979.6
Kim Rhyme (Rhyme) 1314951.605.377.7
Sherri Schummer (Anderson) 1324681.404.972.2
Suzanna Viau (McMakin) 1324551.744.871.2
Carissa Muller (Podoll) 1374201.803.863.6


Vicky Persinger (Sinclair) 1305401.463.484.9
Jenna Martin (Christensen) 903661.703.984.1
Taylor Anderson (Christensen) 562301.304.383.5
Cait Flannery (Farrell) 1445841.504.882.9
Kathleen Dubberstein (Anderson) 1325031.464.577.7
Katie Rhyme (Rhyme) 1324861.505.275.3
Rachel Workin (Podoll) 1385031.543.974.8
Anna Netteberg (McMakin) 1324761.664.574.4
Susan Dudt (Podoll) 1344731.565.072.3


Natalie Nicholson (Christensen) 562551.364.492.4
Taylor Anderson (Christensen) 853611.364.086.3
Rebecca Miles (Farrell) 1415931.224.684.9
Monica Walker (Sinclair) 1224941.424.582.1
Christina Lammers (Podoll) 1375461.343.480.9
Rebecca Rodgers (Podoll) 1325091.263.878.0
Mairin Barrett (McMakin) 1304791.364.674.7
Libby Brundage (Anderson) 1324561.264.669.9
Amy Harnden (Rhyme) 1314521.244.869.6

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Patrick McDonald Joins World Curling Tour

Patrick McDonald Joins World Curling Tour

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