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W: Le Gruyere European Curling Championships
M: Le Gruyere European Curling Championships
M: DEKALB Superspiel
W: Red Deer Curling Classic
W: DEKALB Superspiel
M: Red Deer Curling Classic
W: Boost National
M: Boost National
M: Mixed Doubles Bern
M: USA Junior Men's National Qualifier
M: The Burnt Rock Curling Co. Carp Classic
: Canadian Mixed Curling Championship
: Brazilian Mixed Doubles Championship
M: Sherwood Park U21 Junior Mens Bonspiel
: Sherwood Park U21 Junior Womens Bonspiel
: Sherwood Park U15 Junior Bonspiel
: Okotoks U18 Bonspiel
M: Port Elgin Superspiel
W: Listowel Women's Classic
: Okotoks U15 Bonspiel
W: USA Junior Women's National Qualifier
M: United States Olympic Curling Team Trials
W: United States Olympic Curling Team Trials
M: Fort Wayne Mad Anthony CashSpiel
M: EJCT Prague Junior Mens Cup
W: EJCT Prague Junior Womens Cup
W: RCD Annual International Wheelchair Bonspiel
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Hackner, Al
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Beaudry, Hailey
November 22 -- 9:00 pm EST

DEKALB Superspiel -- C Event

Nov 17 - 20, 2017
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Times shown as Central Time (CT)

Yannick Schwaller
11 -- S:C-Mor
Sun 11:00am
Loser Out
  [73] Yannick Schwaller
Cameron Rittenour
Daryl Bachalo
10 -- S:1-Ros
Sat 9:15pm
Loser Out
  [66] Cameron Rittenour
14 -- S:B-Mor
Sun 8:00pm
Loser Out
7 -- S:E-Mor
Sat 12:00pm
Loser Out
  [60] Daryl Bachalo
Joseph Comte Josh Heidt
Joshua Friesen
9 -- S:B-Mor
Sat 6:15pm
Loser Out
  [67] Joshua Friesen
Jeff Hartung
12 -- S:A-Mor
Sun 2:00pm
Loser Out
  [74] Kyle Foster
14 -- S:E-Mor
Sun 8:00pm
Loser Out
Tanner Lott
12 -- S:F-Mor
Sun 2:00pm
Loser Out
  [75] Tanner Lott
Jordan Smith
Richard Muntain
12 -- S:C-Mor
Sun 2:00pm
Loser Out
  [76] Braden Calvert
Braden Calvert
Carl deConinck Smith
14 -- S:A-Mor
Sun 8:00pm
Loser Out
8 -- S:5-Ros
Sat 3:00pm
Loser Out
  [70] Tyler Drews
Tyler Drews
12 -- S:D-Mor
Sun 2:00pm
Loser Out
  [77] Tyler Drews
Dennis Bohn
David Hamblin
Darryl Horsman
9 -- S:F-Mor
Sat 6:15pm
Loser Out
  [71] David Hamblin
7 -- S:3-Ros
Sat 12:00pm
Loser Out
  [63] Alex Leichter
Alex Leichter
11 -- S:E-Mor
Sun 11:00am
Loser Out
  [78] Kelly Marnoch
Kelly Marnoch 14 -- S:C-Mor
Sun 8:00pm
Loser Out
Hayden Forrester

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Shuster wins US Olympic Curling Trials

Shuster wins US Olympic Curling Trials

(OMAHA, Nebraska) – John Shuster set the tone early in the game that he was not going to be denied a fourth trip to the Olympic Winter Games.

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