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USA Curling National Championships -- Shooting

Feb 9 - 16, 2019
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Cumulative Stats Leaders By TEAM


Team Nina Roth 73329211.784.382.7
Team Jamie Sinclair 66325861.844.381.0
Team Cory Christensen 68526401.703.979.6
Team Annmarie Dubberstein 52518851.784.174.3
Team Stephanie Senneker 63722521.784.473.2
Team Ariel Traxler 51017741.563.971.3
Team Ann Podoll 50217331.564.470.8
Team Kim Rhyme 51117261.583.969.4
Cumulative Stats Leaders By Position


Nina Roth (Roth) 1827032.045.080.9
Jamie Sinclair (Sinclair) 1656351.964.880.4
Cory Christensen (Christensen) 1696281.864.277.1
Stephanie Senneker (Senneker) 1585341.944.870.5
Annmarie Dubberstein (Dubberstein) 1294371.944.770.5
Emily Quello (Traxler) 1274101.783.766.8
Ann Podoll (Podoll) 1243931.824.665.5
Kim Rhyme (Rhyme) 1273941.724.264.1


Vicky Persinger (Christensen) 1726801.863.882.4
Tabitha Peterson (Roth) 1847121.844.280.6
Sarah Anderson (Sinclair) 1666371.964.380.3
Cora Farrell (Dubberstein) 1324791.863.675.4
Rebecca Andrew (Senneker) 1595761.844.175.4
Kathleen Dubberstein (Rhyme) 1284621.703.774.7
Rachel Workin (Podoll) 381331.764.472.3
Susan Dudt (Traxler) 1284131.724.066.7
Carissa Thomas (Podoll) 882851.644.866.7


Becca Hamilton (Roth) 1847651.863.886.7
Taylor Anderson (Sinclair) 1666431.784.080.3
Rachel Workin (Podoll) 883311.504.277.1
Jenna Martin (Christensen) 1726381.763.877.0
Emilia Juocys (Senneker) 1605731.924.374.8
Rebecca Rodgers (Traxler) 1274601.624.474.5
Jenna Burchesky (Dubberstein) 1324671.923.373.7
Carissa Thomas (Podoll) 381251.523.167.2
Katie Rhyme (Rhyme) 1284181.563.767.0


Monica Walker (Sinclair) 1666711.644.383.0
Tara Peterson (Roth) 1837411.424.382.4
Madison Bear (Christensen) 1726941.323.981.8
Allison Howell (Dubberstein) 1325021.424.877.4
Ariel Traxler (Traxler) 1284911.163.677.3
Christina Lammers (Podoll) 1264661.264.574.9
Maya Willertz (Senneker) 1605691.404.472.2
Amy Harnden (Rhyme) 1284521.324.071.6

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Eve Muirhead Targets Eighth Scottish Title

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