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M: ARENA Challenge de Curling de Gatineau
M: Curling Masters Champery
W: Medicine Hat Charity Classic
W: Canad Inns Women's Classic
W: Kamloops Crown of Curling
M: Medicine Hat Charity Classic
M: Curl Saskatoon U21 Men's Junior Classic
M: Challenge de Curling de Gatineau Open
M: WCT Austrian Mixed Doubles Cup
M: Rick Cotter Memorial Junior Men
W: Rick Cotter Memorial Junior Women
M: Curl Saskatoon U17 Men's Junior Classic
W: Curl Saskatoon U17 Women's Junior Classic
W: Lady Monctonian Invitational Spiel
M: EJCT Oslo Junior Men
W: EJCT Oslo Junior Women
W: Curl Saskatoon U21 Women's Junior Classic
W: Stirling Wheelchair Curling International
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Brown, Corryn
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Wark, Sarah
October 21 -- 4:00 pm EDT

Princess Auto Elite 10 -- Round-Robin

Mar 16 - 19, 2017
Pool A
Brad Jacobs
Sault Ste Marie, NONT
10  0.750  12 
Peter De Cruz
Geneva, SUI
0.750  14  12 
Kevin Koe
Calgary, AB
0.500  12 
Niklas Edin
Karlstad, SWE
0.250  11 
John Epping
Toronto, ON
0.250  14 
Pool B
John Morris
Vernon, BC
0.750  14 
Jeff Stoughton
Winnipeg, MB
0.750  13  11 
Reid Carruthers
Winnipeg, MB
0.500  10  12 
Brad Gushue
St. John's, NL
0.500  11  13 
Steve Laycock
Saskatoon, SK
0.000  14 

LEGEND: GP = Games Played, W = Wins; L = Losses; EEW = Extra End Win; EEL = Extra End Loss; PTS = PTS (3 for WIN, 2 for EEW, 1 for EEL); EF = Ends Won; EA = Ends Lost; PCT = Winning Percentage; DSC = Tiebreaker Shootout Distance

Thu, Mar 16, 17 12:00 PM
Sheet Team Team Score    End
A Reid Carruthers Brad Gushue 3-4    Final (EE)
B Peter De Cruz Kevin Koe 5-4    Final (EE)
C Niklas Edin John Epping 4-1    Final (6)
Thu, Mar 16, 17 04:00 PM
Sheet Team Team Score    End
A Jeff Stoughton Steve Laycock 3-2    Final (8)
B Niklas Edin Brad Jacobs 2-3    Final (8)
C Reid Carruthers John Morris 0-4    Final (6)
Thu, Mar 16, 17 07:30 PM
Sheet Team Team Score    End
A John Epping Peter De Cruz 4-2    Final (7)
B Jeff Stoughton Brad Gushue 4-3    Final (8)
C Kevin Koe Brad Jacobs 0-2    Final (7)
Fri, Mar 17, 17 09:00 AM
Sheet Team Team Score    End
A John Morris Brad Gushue 4-0    Final (5)
B Reid Carruthers Steve Laycock 3-2    Final (EE)
C Peter De Cruz Niklas Edin 3-1    Final (7)
Fri, Mar 17, 17 01:00 PM
Sheet Team Team Score    End
A Brad Jacobs Peter De Cruz 3-4    Final (EE)
B John Epping Kevin Koe 1-4    Final (7)
C Jeff Stoughton John Morris 4-2    Final (7)
Fri, Mar 17, 17 04:30 PM
Sheet Team Team Score    End
A Kevin Koe Niklas Edin 4-0    Final (5)
C Steve Laycock Brad Gushue 2-4    Final (8)
Fri, Mar 17, 17 08:00 PM
Sheet Team Team Score    End
A Jeff Stoughton Reid Carruthers 2-4    Final (8)
B Steve Laycock John Morris 1-4    Final (6)
C John Epping Brad Jacobs 0-4    Final (6)

In the event of a discrepancy the draw posted at the Event is the Official Draw.

Recent News

Reid Carruthers wins Canad Inns Mens Classic

Reid Carruthers wins Canad Inns Mens Classic

Reid Carruthers (Winnipeg, MB) wins the Canad Inns Men's Classic, defeating Glenn Howard (Islington, ON) 6-1 at the Portage Curling Club in Portage La Prairie, Canada.

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