StuSells Toronto Tankard -- Shootout

Oct 7 - 10, 2016

Draw Shot Challenge Rankings:

Hollie Nicol
Ottawa, ON
   4.90cm   0.603.009.20*1.30
Sherry Middaugh
, ON
   41.10cm   18.3022.800.00135.00*
Jacqueline Harrison
, ON
   56.90cm   53.00*33.0023.100.80
Cathy Auld
, ON
   64.90cm   1.2039.10*37.5026.20
Erin Macaulay
Ottawa, ON
   97.90cm   48.5024.6024.8054.90*
Julie Hastings
, ON
   108.20cm   112.00*2.7020.9084.60
Danielle Inglis
Ottawa, ON
   114.90cm   104.80*46.6043.3025.00
Ashley Waye
Toronto, ON
   162.50cm   107.7031.00183.00*23.80
Hailey Armstrong
Ottawa, ON
   178.40cm   48.0066.00172.20*64.40
Tracy Fleury
Sudbury, NONT
   182.40cm   1.5097.5083.40145.80*
Mary-Anne Arsenault
Halifax, NS
   182.80cm   0.0022.70174.40*160.10
Kelly Cochrane
Toronto, ON
   184.20cm   183.00*13.00154.9016.30
Chrissy Cadorin
, ON
   201.40cm   96.5019.1085.80183.00*
Janet McGhee
Uxbridge, ON
   228.90cm   157.00183.00*66.005.90
Erin Morrissey
, ON
   229.10cm   104.8063.30183.00*61.00
Chelsea Brandwood
Kitchener-Waterloo, ON
   272.00cm   158.30183.00*111.602.10
Megan Balsdon
Toronto, ON
   285.60cm   183.00*144.8020.20120.60
Eve Belisle
Montreal, QC
   333.40cm   176.30183.00*50.70106.40
* = shootout dropped from total.

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World Curling Federation Considering Move to 8-ends

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