Swiss Mixed Doubles Qualifier

Feb 23 - 25, 2024

Event Results:

Draw: 6 -- Sun, Feb 25 -- 10:00am CET
Engl/Wund Final
Tiri/Gerl (6)
Huep/Weis Final
Jaeg/Kell 10  (7)
Wits/Gloo Final
Huer/Huer (8)
Howa/Lach Final
Bers/Hoes (8)
Central European Time (CET)

Final Ranking    
Team   Points
1.   Berset/Hoesli   2.625 
1.   Engler/Wunderlin   2.625 
3.   Jaeggi/Keller-Meier   2.000 
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Event Purse: $0
Entry Fee: TBA
Arlesheim, Switzerland

Recent News

Bottcher Out!

Bottcher Out!

Brendan Bottcher (photo: Stan Fong) is moving on from now former teammates Marc Kennedy, Brett Gallant and Ben Hebert, announced Tuesday.

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