Dec 10 - 12, 2021

Montreal, Quebec
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Games: 4  
Record: 0W - 4L  
PF/G: 6.00  
PA/G: 14.80  
Hammer Efficiency: 0.31  
Steal Defense: 0.46  
Force Efficiency: 0.22  
Steal Efficiency: 0.25  

Aline Fellmann/Chris Kovalchuk (Montreal, QC) needed a tiebreaker to advance to the playoffs, Fellmann/Kovalchuk finished 0-3 in the 16 team
GOLDLINE Victoria Mixed Doubles qualifying round, held December 10 - 12, 2021 at the Victoria Curling Club in Quebec, Canada. In their opening game, Fellmann/Kovalchuk lost 12-1 to Ashley Waye/Rob Retchless (Toronto, ON), droppimg another game, 9-5 to Melanie Poirier/Thierry Fournier (Québec, QC). Fellmann/Kovalchuk lost 8-2 to Veronique Bouchard/Jean-Francois Charest (Saguenay, QC) in their final qualifying round match.
. For week 20 of the event schedule, Fellmann/Kovalchuk did not improve upon their best events, remaining at 697th place on the World Ranking Standings with 12.491 total points. Fellmann/Kovalchuk ranks 97th overall on the Year-to-Date rankings with 11.910 points earned so far this season.

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