Yamaguchi1-0 at Wakkanai City Midori Sports Park Open

Nov 6 - 8, 2020

Karuizawa, Japan
Games: 1  
Record: 1W - 0L  
PF/G: 10.00  
PA/G: 4.29  
Hammer Efficiency: 1.00  
Steal Defense: 0.00  
Force Efficiency: 1.00  
Steal Efficiency: 0.00  

Tsuyoshi Yamaguchi (Karuizawa, JPN) are currently 1-0 in the 0 team
Wakkanai City Midori Sports Park Open qualifying round, held November 6 - 8 in , . In their opening game, Yamaguchi defeated Yuya Takigahira (Hokkaido, JPN) 7-3. In their next game, Yamaguchi plays Yuta Matsumura (Kitami , JPN) on Saturday at 4am and Yusuke Morozumi (Karuizawa, JPN) at 8pm.
Yamaguchi ranks 241st overall on the Year-to-Date rankings with 0.000 points earned so far this season.

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