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M: ARENA Challenge de Curling de Gatineau
M: Curling Masters Champery
W: Medicine Hat Charity Classic
W: Canad Inns Women's Classic
W: Kamloops Crown of Curling
M: Medicine Hat Charity Classic
M: Curl Saskatoon U21 Men's Junior Classic
M: Challenge de Curling de Gatineau Open
M: WCT Austrian Mixed Doubles Cup
M: Rick Cotter Memorial Junior Men
W: Rick Cotter Memorial Junior Women
M: Curl Saskatoon U17 Men's Junior Classic
W: Curl Saskatoon U17 Women's Junior Classic
W: Lady Monctonian Invitational Spiel
M: EJCT Oslo Junior Men
W: EJCT Oslo Junior Women
W: Curl Saskatoon U21 Women's Junior Classic
W: Stirling Wheelchair Curling International
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Brown, Corryn
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Wark, Sarah
October 21 -- 4:00 pm EDT

USA Women's National Curling Championship -- Shooting

Feb 11 - 18, 2017
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Cumulative Stats Leaders By TEAM


Team Jamie Sinclair 55522461.625.083.3
Team Nina Roth 62225121.624.883.0
Team Cory Christensen 56821441.764.178.2
Team Cassie Potter 52219481.605.076.6
Team Jessica Schultz 52218751.744.774.3
Team Cristin Clark 53418611.604.771.6
Team Cora Farrell 52818161.604.770.7
Team Becca Wood 43211121.763.953.2
Cumulative Stats Leaders By Position


Nina Roth (Roth) 1536281.624.684.2
Jamie Sinclair (Sinclair) 1375521.744.983.2
Cassie Potter (Potter) 1365001.665.075.7
Cory Christensen (Christensen) 1405051.964.175.2
Cora Farrell (Farrell) 1294401.864.770.8
Jessica Schultz (Schultz) 1294161.904.566.9
Cristin Clark (Clark) 1333971.724.961.6
Becca Wood (Wood) 1082632.003.951.0


Tabitha Peterson (Roth) 1586351.804.883.5
Alexandra Carlson (Sinclair) 1405551.705.282.0
Sarah Anderson (Christensen) 1435521.983.680.9
Jackie Lemke (Potter) 1405431.705.180.1
Emily Anderson (Clark) 1345011.644.576.9
Courtney George (Schultz) 1324831.844.976.3
Lexi Lanigan (Farrell) 572021.704.073.3
Cait Flannery (Farrell) 762451.644.266.4
Porsche Renae Stephenson (Wood) 821802.044.046.1
Donna Umali Mendoza (Wood) 26381.784.030.1


Vicky Persinger (Sinclair) 1405871.725.086.8
Aileen Geving (Roth) 1586381.644.583.1
Taylor Anderson (Christensen) 1435181.764.275.2
Jordan Moulton (Schultz) 1324701.744.473.8
Jackie Lemke (Potter) 18651.345.773.4
Sophie Bader (Potter) 1224311.624.872.6
Lexi Lanigan (Farrell) 762631.505.470.6
Kathleen Dubberstein (Clark) 1344581.705.070.5
Cait Flannery (Farrell) 581941.704.769.2
Porsche Renae Stephenson (Wood) 26751.463.259.1
Auria Moore (Wood) 822131.923.654.2


Jenna Haag (Christensen) 1425691.344.581.4
Becca Hamilton (Roth) 1536111.385.581.1
Monica Walker (Sinclair) 1385521.345.081.1
Stephanie Senneker (Schultz) 1295061.524.980.4
Stephanie Bohan (Potter) 702721.364.879.0
Sherri Schummer (Clark) 1335051.344.677.2
Sophie Bader (Potter) 361371.425.777.2
Rebecca Miles (Farrell) 1324721.324.772.5
Donna Umali Mendoza (Wood) 822651.284.365.5
Auria Moore (Wood) 26781.204.460.4

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Reid Carruthers wins Canad Inns Mens Classic

Reid Carruthers wins Canad Inns Mens Classic

Reid Carruthers (Winnipeg, MB) wins the Canad Inns Men's Classic, defeating Glenn Howard (Islington, ON) 6-1 at the Portage Curling Club in Portage La Prairie, Canada.

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