Oakville OCT Fall Classic -- Shootout

Sep 2 - 4, 2016

Draw Shot Challenge Rankings:

Jason Gunnlaugson
, MB
   6.50cm   32.00*6.500.000.00
Craig Brown
Blaine, USA
Kyle Smith
Stirling, SCO
   26.00cm   0.0020.00183.00*6.00
Pat Ferris
, ON
   29.50cm   11.5018.0020.00*0.00
Michael Fournier
Montreal, QC
   31.00cm   96.50*0.0020.0011.00
Todd Birr
Blaine, USA
   39.00cm   36.001.00115.00*2.00
Chris Gardner
, ON
   52.75cm   34.7575.50*10.008.00
Bruce Mouat
   53.50cm   3.5050.000.00150.00*
Mark Kean
Kitchener-Waterloo, ON
   54.50cm   1.00183.00*0.5053.00
Greg Balsdon
Kingston, ON
   65.00cm   0.0040.0025.00124.00*
Tanner Horgan
Sudbury, NONT
   66.00cm   159.50*36.000.0030.00
Hugh Murphy
Oakville, ON
   72.00cm   0.00155.50*52.0020.00
Michael Brunner
Gstaad, SUI
   72.50cm   60.50114.50*12.000.00
Heath McCormick
Blaine, USA
   77.40cm   18.40183.00*25.5033.50
Brady Clark
Seattle, USA
   82.50cm   31.0073.50*24.0027.50
Dayna Deruelle
, ON
   88.00cm   37.0040.50183.00*10.50
Richard Krell
, ON
   92.90cm   42.9053.50*0.0050.00
Guy Hemmings
Sprel-Tracy, QC
   101.25cm   13.2547.50*46.0042.00
William Lyburn
Winnipeg, MB
   122.25cm   59.2570.00*58.005.00
Wayne Tuck Jr.
Brantford, ON
   140.50cm   89.00143.50*25.0026.50
John Epping
Toronto, ON
   147.00cm   51.0042.0054.00183.00*
Daryl Shane
Waterloo, ON
   199.50cm   183.00*12.50167.0020.00
Connor Duhaime
, ON
   229.00cm   180.00*25.0054.00150.00
Josh Johnston
Toronto, ON
   270.00cm   7.50109.50153.00183.00*
Jeffrey Stewart
Montreal, QC
   375.50cm   66.00168.00183.00*141.50
* = shootout dropped from total.

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World Curling Federation Considering Move to 8-ends

World Curling Federation Considering Move to 8-ends

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