World Curling Report

KW Fall Classic -- Shootout

Sep 22 - 25, 2016

Draw Shot Challenge Rankings:

Erin Macaulay
Ottawa, ON
   12.50in   2.0013.00*5.005.50
Cathy Auld
, ON
   32.10in   11.6031.30*7.7512.75
Allison Flaxey
, ON
   33.25in   64.00*2.0018.5012.75
Un-Chi Gim
Gyeonggi-do, KOR
   34.60in   15.6027.00*15.503.50
Cory Christensen
Blaine, USA
   39.00in   10.0016.0013.0037.25*
Julie Tippin
Woodstock, ON
   39.25in   47.50*26.000.0013.25
Mallory Kean
Kitchener, ON
   42.00in   2.0038.002.0046.50*
Jacqueline Harrison
, ON
   55.00in   35.0017.003.0068.00*
Tracy Fleury
Sudbury, NONT
   69.61in   72.00*41.003.1125.50
Julie Hastings
Thornhill, ON
   70.20in   9.7012.0048.5072.00*
Ashley Waye
Toronto, ON
   72.00in   72.00*0.000.0072.00
Megan Balsdon
Toronto, ON
   79.60in   3.6072.00*72.004.00
Sherry Middaugh
, ON
   79.75in   10.7534.0070.50*35.00
Kristina Adams
Ennismore, ON
   89.00in   72.00*0.0017.0072.00
Jessica Schultz
Saint Paul, USA
   105.00in   72.00*42.007.7555.25
Brenda Holloway
Guelph, ON
   132.00in   0.0060.0072.00*72.00
* = shootout dropped from total.

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2020 Shorty Jenkins Classic Cancelled

2020 Shorty Jenkins Classic Cancelled

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