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Tyler Morgan

Age: 38
Born: Hamilton, ON
Resides: Burlington, ON
Throws: Left
Profession: Enforcement Officer, City of Burlington
High School: Nelson High School
College/University: Fanshawe College
In Own Words:
Curling wasn't always my first love when it came to sports. I'm a huge hockey fan and i'd hoped one day i could play hockey professionally. There was only one real problem........i wasn't very good.[cr][lf][cr][lf]So i decided to focus my attention to my second favorite winter sport, Curling. With the help of my mom and other great volunteers from our curling club i was quick to pick up the game and found myself loving it almost as much as hockey.[cr][lf][cr][lf]Over my curling career i've met tons of great people and traveled to some really great places. I think the thing i love most about curling is being able to walk into any curling club in the world and be able to share a drink with one of the members. It's a very social game and probably to reason i love it so much.
Curling Highlights:
Ontario Mens Tankard Runner Up 2011
Junior Highlights:
Ontario Bantam Mixed Champ 96[cr][lf]Ontario Junior Champ 99

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2020 Shorty Jenkins Classic Cancelled

2020 Shorty Jenkins Classic Cancelled

2020 AMJ Campbell Shorty Jenkins Classic presented by Jet Ice, VIA Rail and Choose Cornwall cancelled due to COVID-19 with plans to return in 2021 for the 25th anniversary.

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