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2021 World Team Rankings: MIXED DOUBLES

Event Champions
Event SFM Champion
Qualico Mixed Doubles Classic 7.6392 Rachel Homan
China Open Mixed Doubles 7.3719 Jocelyn Peterman
Mixed Doubles Bern 7.3707 Daniela Rupp
WCT Tallinn Mixed Doubles International 7.2857 Kristin Moen Skaslien
SWISSCURLING Mixed Doubles Championship 6.3907 Jenny Perret
Brantford Mixed Doubles Cashspiel 6.3834 Nancy Martin
International Mixed Doubles Trophy Aarau 6.3329 Daniela Rupp
MadTown DoubleDown presented by Leinenkugel 6.1117 Anna Hasselborg
Canad Inns Mixed Doubles Championship 5.6227 Jennifer Jones
USA Mixed Doubles National Championship 5.4863 Tabitha Peterson
Italian Mixed Doubles Cup 5.4341 Kristin Moen Skaslien
WCT Tallinn Masters Mixed Doubles 5.4160 Anastasia Moskaleva
Highland Mixed Doubles Classic 5.2485 Jolene Campbell
Oberstdorf International Mixed Doubles Cup 5.1094 Lena Kapp
WCT Dutch Masters Mixed Doubles 4.9951 Johanna Heldin
Stu Sells Toronto Cricket Mixed Doubles Cashspiel 4.8708 Kimberly Tuck
International Mixed Doubles Sochi 4.7989 Jenny Perret
Swedish Mixed Doubles Championship 4.7196 Agnes Knochenhauer
International Mixed Doubles St. Gallen 4.6980 Zuzana Paulova
WCT Austrian Mixed Doubles Cup 4.6893 Kristin Moen Skaslien
Ontario Mixed Doubles Tour Championship 4.5409 Clancy Grandy
ISS Mixed Doubles Lodz 4.4760 Ildiko Szekeres
Schweizer Cup 4.4373 Jenny Perret
Goldline Scottish Curling Mixed Doubles Championship 4.3838 Jennifer Dodds
Colorado Curling Cup 4.2890 Sarah Anderson
Aberdeen Mixed Doubles Championship 3.8538 Eve Muirhead
WCT Pacific Ocean Cup 3.7761 Tahli Gill
WCT Mixed Doubles Cup Geising 3.7052 Dorottya Palancsa
Brampton Mixed Doubles Curling Cup 3.5085 Clancy Grandy
College Clean Restoration/Colonial Square Inn & Suites Pro Curling Series 3.3842 Ashley Quick
Bayview Mixed Doubles 3.3712 Marie-Elaine Little
Ontario Mixed Doubles Provincial Championship 3.2750 Lauren Wasylkiw
New Zealand Winter Games Mixed Doubles 3.1562 Hyeji Jang
GOLDLINE Boucherville Mixed Doubles 3.0981 Katie Cottrill
ISS WCT Moscow Mixed Doubles 3.0953 Anastasia Moskaleva
Norway Open Mixed Doubles 3.0840 Christine Gronbech
Palmerston Mixed Doubles Spiel 2.9681 Casey Kidd
Battleford Mixed Doubles Fall Curling Classic 2.9659 Sofia Mabergs
Spanish Mixed Doubles Championship 2.9536 Oihane Otaegi
Southern Mixed Doubles 2.9213 Jocelyn Peterman
Ilderton Mixed Doubles Spiel 2.9001 Kimberly Tuck
Bele Wrana Memorial 2.8296 Isabell Andersson
Sherwood Park Mixed Doubles Classic 2.7264 Alyssa Nedohin
International Mixed Doubles Sochi 2.7179 Elizaveta Trukhina
Gothenburg Mixed Doubles Cup 2.7071 Michele Jaeggi
Oshawa Curling Club Mixed Doubles Spiel 2.4589 Clancy Grandy
Quebec Mixed Doubles Championship 2.4231 Laurie St-Georges
GOLDLINE Victoria Mixed Doubles 2.3539 Marie-Claude Comeau
Czech Republic Mixed Doubles Championship 2.2515 Zuzana Paulova
STP Mixed Doubles 2.1707 Heather Nedohin
Italian Mixed Doubles Championship 2.1375 Alice Cobelli
GOLDLINE Amos Mixed Doubles 1.9635 Gabrielle Simard
GOLDLINE Chicoutimi Mixed Doubles 1.9484 Emilie Desjardins
Hvidovre Mixed Doubles Cup 1.8673 Jasmin Lander
GOLDLINE Valleyfield Mixed Doubles 1.6062 Audrey Laplante
GOLDLINE Clermont Mixed Doubles 1.6018 Melissa Adams
New Brunswick Mixed Doubles Curling Championship 1.5196 Jennifer Armstrong
Estonia Mixed Doubles Championship 1.4535 Marie Turmann
English Mixed Doubles Curling Championship 1.4250 Anna Fowler
Danish Mixed Doubles Championship 1.4250 Natalie Wiksten
BC Mixed Doubles Championship 1.2000 Steph Jackson-Baier
Nova Scotia Mixed Doubles Championship 1.1625 Karlee Jones
Northwest Territories Mixed Doubles Championship 0.1500 Elizabeth King

Curling Scores

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Team Einarson Repeats as Scotties Champions

Team Einarson Repeats as Scotties Champions

Kerri Einarson (photo: Andrew Klaver / Curling Canada) was able to get by Ontario's Rachel Homan to claim her second-consecutive Scotties title.

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